Rapala Pro Bass Fishing

Console Wii U
Genre Simulator
Region US
Publisher Activision
Released 4th Dec 2012 (USA)

“Rapala Pro Bass Fishing” is an extremely attractive fishing game from the developer Activision. This is the fourth and final game in the “Rapala Fishing” series. The game begins with the player creating a character, either a man or a woman, dressing up, and then going to the lake. Free Fishing mode allows the player to choose any of the seven lakes in the game and has the right to fish. There are also challenges available in Free Fishing, the task of the player must catch the specific number of fishes, correctly, use specific bait or do specific things like intentionally cut the line when you have a big fish. In tournament mode also provides players with specific fishes to participate in various tournaments, players unlock new tournaments by performing well. There is also a two-player mode available as well as where the player along with his friend fishing from the same boat. With “Rapala Pro Bass Fishing”, players will have the best fishing experience, compete with real-time professional fishermen in authentic tournament action and prove themselves to be the best among the best, challenge your friends in a series of competing fishing and fishing challenges, take part in exciting tournaments with the announcer’s comments, live updates, Competitive rankings and weight analysis.

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