Skylanders Imaginators

Console Wii U
Genre Action , Adventure
Region US , EU
Publisher Activision
Released 16th Oct 2016 (USA)
14th Oct 2016 (UK/EU)

“Skylanders Imaginators” is a 3D platform-toys-to-life action platformer game belonging to the cult game brand “Skylanders” which is loved by many players in the world. Developed by Toys for Bob and released by Activision on a variety of platforms, this is the first in the series where players can create their own characters, called Imaginators. First released in October 2016, the game has quickly received positive reviews from critics and has been widely welcomed around the world. Similar to its predecessors, the gameplay in the game revolves around solving puzzles, platforming and battling enemies. As a toys-to-life game, the player can place the Skylanders toy statue into a Portal of Power, which will then allow the player to control the avatar character represented in the game. “Creation Clash”, a remake of Skystones introduced in Giants will be added to the game. One of the newest additions is “Imaginators”, which are characters created by the player. At the beginning of the game, the player can choose a battle class (Knight, Smasher, Sentinel, Swashbuckler, Brawler, Sorcerer, Quickshot, Ninja, Bazooka Shooter, and Bowslinger), along with elemental classes (including ten elements in the series). “Skylanders”), determine their fighting style. After that, players can customize the name, voice, fighting ability, appearance, color, and size of the Imaginator.

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