The Amazing SpiderMan 2

Console Wii U
Genre Action , Adventure
Region US , EU
Publisher Activision
Released 29th Apr 2014 (USA)
2nd May 2014 (UK/EU)

“The Amazing Spider Man 2” is an extremely attractive open-world action adventure game based on the image of the much-loved superhero in Marvel Comics, Spider Man. This is a continuation of the success of the 2012 “The Amazing Spider Man” game developed by Beenox and released by Activision. Sticking to the plot of the movie, in the game, players will play Spider Man to save people and destroy the dark forces in New York City. The game opens a large space of Manhattan with skyscrapers, crowded boulevards … The task of the player in the game is to fight with four different gangs raging in the city including: Kraven The Hunter’s Russian , Hammerhead’s Maggia, ULTRA tech group, and The Green Goblin. In addition to Spider Man’s opponents, there are also main villains like Electro or Venom. Spider Man character in this version at the beginning will have less experience, then the player must do the task to earn experience points to improve the level of the character, besides improving the features of Web Shooter to be able to prevail in the fight with powerful villains. With the action to protect the city, the game will reward you and experience points through the “Hero or Menace” system, if you complete the tasks of protecting New York City on the map, you are the Hero and otherwise you will be Menace. In addition, the game adds a “Return Home” mode, which allows the player to enter Peter Parker’s home, and his room allows the player to replay previous missions from the main storyline, upgrade skills and equip, or change the different outfits available.

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