Project Gotham Racing 2

Console XBOX
Genre Racing
Region WW
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Released 18 November 2003

Project Gotham Racing 2 is a racing simulation game developed and launched by Bizarre Creations in 2003. To win the game, it requires players to quickly respond to the challenges given and recorded enough Kudos points. They will be recorded through the correct implementation of the driving skills of the player, such as sliding, fast crabs, surpassing other racers on the track. In addition, if you own a large number of Kudos, the riders can lock, upgrade their goodness. In single-player mode, only 14 cars will be unlocked to allow you to experience. Each victory in this mode will help the racer to have a good score in the rankings. At the end of each season, the rankings will be aggregated, and you will have the opportunity to become the racing king in the virtual world.

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