Shenmue II

Console XBOX
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Released September 6, 2001

Shenmue II is an action-adventure game, brought to fans by Sega in 2001. The game is the second version of the Shenmue game series. Like its predecessor, Shenmue II also has a system of night and day, changing weather effects and many additional mini-games in the main storyline. Coming to Shenmue II, players will play a young boxer named Ryo Hazuki in the hunt for his father’s murderer in Hong Kong in 1987. Most of the mini-games of Shenmue II are devoted to exploring the in-game world. , find clues, check out objects, and talk to the characters in the game to find information. With 3D graphics and sound quite stable, plus a pretty interesting storyline, Shenmue II is definitely a game worth checking out.

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