Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Console XBOX
Genre Role-Playing
Region WW
Publisher LucasArts
Released July 15, 2003

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is a Japanese role-playing video game released by LucasArts to fans in 2003. The game revolves around a soldier on a spaceship being attacked by enemies. After escaping from the spacecraft, this person was dropped on an alien planet, where there was a Jedi who needed help. A group of warriors was gathered to find a way to bring Jedi out of this planet before it was destroyed by artillery. After that, you will be trained to become a Jedi to use the potential divine power, so you can protect yourself from lies in your adventures in the next space. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic has an open story, meaning the game will end depending on how the player interacts with the story. In addition to owning an extremely new open story, the game is also focused on each image, sound. The game has about 300 characters and 15,000 lines, but everything seems so perfect when all the lines are voiced by famous and experienced actors. As for the image, though not really outstanding, it is enough for players to have the best experience.

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