Star Wars: Starfighter

Console XBOX
Genre Action
Region WW
Publisher LucasArts
Released November 26, 2001

Star Wars: Starfighter is a video game of the action genre, brought to fans by LucasArts in 2001. The game is set before the Naboo battle. Coming to Star Wars: Starfighter, players will cooperate with three other aircraft pilots (controlled by AI) and control a number of different spacecraft to prevent the invasion that is threatening the planet Naboo. Players will control a huge spaceship, with modern and advanced weapons to find and destroy the spacecraft preparing to invade Naboo. Star Wars: Starfighter has sharp 3D graphics, even the image of an enemy ship exploding is also very realistic. In addition, the sound level is quite good to help the user experience extremely stable. Although all the details are not really accurate, with a 3D game in the early days, it is true that there is nothing to blame.

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