Voodoo Vince

Console XBOX
Genre Platformer
Region WW
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Released September 23, 2003

Voodoo Vince is a platforming game developed by Clayton Kauzlaric and released in 2003. The game is built on the very cute images and closeness to children. Along with that, are pretty eye-catching colors that make it difficult to leave the game. By entering the game, you will control Vince – a voodoo doll fighting or performing a series of movements to be able to pass the level. Initially, the character will learn quite simple movements such as jumping, punching, spinning attacks, for example, there will be a meter measuring Vince’s anger. Please note that do not let the opponent’s watch has the maximum of anger, because it will make your character lose a life easily. Scattered throughout the level are a lot of items that increase the power Vince can collect.

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